Prince Edward (1965) - Prince George (2014)

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I feel like 70-80% of my day is spent with earphones in my ears. Or 80-90% with at least one earbud on.

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Don’t show me you’re interested coz I’ll develop a crush on you because I’m that pathetic girl who falls for the first guy that shows the slightest interest towards her.

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"omg i love Harry! his British accent is so cute!"


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I hate instagram from around 7-10pm because 99% of the posts are all food and it either makes me hungry, makes me hungrier, or makes me hungry again.

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Kissing and Holding


I used to hate it when during a kiss, the guy would hold the back of my head as if you’re locked and you can’t escape.

But now with my boyfriend, I love it when he does that, holding the back of my head or simply cradling my face. Like he wants to pull you in as much as he can. Like he doesn’t…

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